Typography Poster
The objective was to create a poster to promote an specific typeface. I chose Helvetica because
I have a fondness for Swiss Design Style, which
I find timeless, clean and modern. This is my own tribute to Helvetica.
Botanical Illustration
The goal of this project was to create a vector-based illustration
of a plant or animal and make it look realistic.
I chose a succulent because of the unique way they look and they can adapt to different environmental conditions.
Magazine Spread
The objective was to design a spread for HOW Magazine.
As my topic I chose a famous British designer Jonathan Barnbrook.
His contemporary and controversial design is very unique and inspires me to see design as a powerful tool, which can be used to make the world a better place.
Alice in Wonderland
This illustration is based on there book Alice in Wonderland. I used type as image to create the Cheshire Cat. The body of the cat is one of his famous quotes. The text for Alice’s dress is a
conversation between the cat and her.
College of San Mateo Brochure
The objective was to create a brochure for the Digital Media Department. My design was selected to be used as a promotional material on campus.
Show Us Your Type Poster
The main objective of this project was to create a promo-
tional poster for the City of Berlin, which is known for being culturally diverse and design-driven. My inspiration was
Bauhaus, which was a very influential design movement in the early 20th century. I used vibrant colors to give it a 3D effect and a simple layout that makes it look modern.
Magazine Spread
This is a magazine spread for Emigre Magazine. The
subject matter is the life and work of Ed Fella, know for his experimental design style and handrawn lettering. I tried to mimic his style in my layout.
Spring Student Concert Poster
This was part of a design competition at College of San Mateo. The goal was to create a promotional poster for the Music Department's Spring Concert. My poster was selected and displayed all around campus.
Book Cover
The objective was to recreate a book cover for a published book. I used my own photography for the front cover which is part of a series of photographs where my daughters are the theme. I added a modern touch with the typography choices.
Typographic Recipe Poster
I created this poster to represent one of the main
dishes of La Paz, Baja. The typeface reminds me of the landscape and the sea waves that Baja is known for. I wanted the black background to resemble a chalk board that is similar to the ones used in taco stands. The colors are based on the diverse and vibrant Mexican culture.
Movie Poster
The objective of this design was to create a poster for a movie (real or fictional). My design was based on a documentary about miners trying to extract gold from the mountains in Baja, which would be a devastation to the only water source of that state.
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