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Dulce Palmisano is a graphic artist born and raised in La Paz, Mexico. From early on she had an interest in visual arts which led her to pursue a career path in graphic design. Dulce attended the Universidad de Tijuana in La Paz, Mexico, from 1999 to 2002. She completed almost 4 years there and then worked as a designer for almost 1 year in AP Publicidad in 2003, designing different forms of advertising as billboards, bus stop graphics, etc. However, her career was put on hold for several years since she moved to the United States and became a wife and mother. In 2014, she decided it was time to be back on the path of her career and started attending College of San Mateo where she recently completed a certification in Graphic Production. Some of her accomplishments are: winner of the first Spring Concert Poster Contest at the College of San Mateo and Show Us Your Type International Poster Contest. 

Photo credit: Melanie Tan Baldwin

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